MARLA, 2018

594 x 841mm

Charcoal on non-acetate drawing paper

One of Sharp's favourite films is Fight Club (1999) created by David Fincher. The cinematography, music and social-political monologues masterfully delivered by the actors are just some of the reasons this film is one of his favourites. The character, played by Helena Bonham Carter, Marla Singer, while discussing why the lead characters attend support groups, states that… 

"When people think you're dying they really, really listen instead of just waiting for their turn to speak… “

Sharp continuously looks out for well-being and counselling trivia within pop culture and artwork. From the first viewing of the film, it remains prominent in Sharps conscience. He created a drawing of a shot from the film Fight Club of character Marla Singer in a very uncaring, unapologetic pose, reminiscent of a 50s movie star to express his inspiration.