Artist Statement

Joseph Sharp is a Bedfordshire based artist who works using charcoal and oil to observe the human figure. He is interested in how portraiture can express and challenge ideas of emotion, beauty and how truth might be interpreted.


Sharp considers the relationship between expressive marks and their representational potential to engage the emotional depth he views within his human subjects. Sharp explores his mediums and subject’s capacity, to transport him into a flow state that he greatly benefits from due to the tranquil state of mind he engages during the creative process. 


Bobby Charlton and the Football Association 

I was commissioned by The Football Association to create a piece of art to commemorate Sir Bobby Charlton’s 80th birthday. I was provided an audience with Sir Charlton and discussed my work and his legacy. This provided me with experience of agreeing a fee, negotiation of publicity clauses and being bound to a legal contract. 


Hospital Project
During my HND Course, I had the opportunity to work with the NHS to produce a piece of artwork to be placed in one of the critical care rooms. I created an oil painting using calming colours to create an abstract landscape with the insight to offer a calming, empathetic yet stimulating environment for the




Art and Design Degree at Kingston University

Art Practice at Bedford College: Distinction

Art Practice at Bedford College: Merit 

Level 3 Art and Design (Fine Art), at Bedford College: D*D*D*
Level 2 Health & Safety in the Workplace

Level 2 Counselling skills at Bedford College 

11 GCSE’s between A-C, including English, Maths, Science and Art 

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